XP Mobile Shear - GXP

XP Mobile Shear - GXP


XP Mobile Shear - GXP

  • Patented bolt-on piercing tip is replaced in minutes without grinding or welding
  • Four way indexing guide blades, razor blade and primary blades provide four useable cutting edges
  • Enclosed structure adds strength and rigidity while protecting the cylinder
  • Mount second- and third-member to most excavators; boom tip mount on most material handlers
  • Built with Strenx™ steel for the best combination of structural strength and wear durability
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ModelWeight* (lbs.)Jaw Opening (ins.)Jaw Depth (ins.)Reach** (ft. ins.)Min. Excavator Weight
Boom Mount (lbs.)
Min. Excavator Weight
Stick Mount (lbs.)
GXP 200***5,00018175' 10"25,00040,000
GXP 200R***5,50018178' 9"30,00045,000
GXP 300***7,70023247' 0"36,00050,000
GXP 300R***8,100232410' 2"45,00068,000
GXP 4008,80028298' 0"45,00075,000
GXP 400R11,000282911' 7"55,00090,000
GXP 440 MAXX***11,40028298' 9"50,00080,000
GXP 440R MAXX***13,000282912' 2"60,000100,000
GXP 50012,05032329' 1"55,00098,000
GXP 500R13,350323212' 5"67,000110,000
GXP 660 MAXX***13,700323210' 0"60,000100,000
GXP 660R MAXX***15,500323213' 6"75,000120,000
GXP 70013,800353510' 0"70,000110,000
GXP 700R17,000353513' 10"90,000135,000
GXP 990 MAXX*** 15,500353510' 7"88,000135,000
GXP 990R MAXX***18,500353515' 0"100,000170,000
GXP 100015,000383810' 9"90,000140,000
GXP 1000R18,000383815' 1"100,000170,000
GXP 120020,700424211' 0"110,000170,000
GXP 1200R26,300424215' 11"130,000250,000
GXP 150023,700444411' 6"120,000190,000
GXP 1500R29,500444416' 5"160,000250,000
GXP 250046,000464814' 7"200,000280,000
GXP 2500R54,000464821' 9"240,000360,000
ModelWeight* (kg)Jaw Opening (mm)Jaw Depth (mm)Reach** (mm)Min. Excavator Weight
Boom Mount (mt)
Min. Excavator Weight
Stick Mount (mt)
GXP 200***2,2684574321,7781118
GXP 200R***2,4954574322,6671320
GXP 300***3,4935846102,1341622
GXP 300R***3,6745846103,0992030
GXP 4003,9927117372,4382034
GXP 400R4,9907117373,5302440
GXP 440 MAXX***5,1717117372,6672236
GXP 440R MAXX***5,8978137373,7082745
GXP 5005,4668138132,7692444
GXP 500R6,0558138133,7843049
GXP 660 MAXX***6,2148138133,0482745
GXP 660R MAXX***7,0318138134,1153454
GXP 7006,2608898893,0483149
GXP 700R7,7118898894,2164061
GXP 990 MAXX*** 7,0318898893,2263961
GXP 990R MAXX***8,1658898894,5724577
GXP 10006,8049659653,2774063
GXP 1000R8,3919659654,5974577
GXP 12009,3891,0671,0673,3534977
GXP 1200R11,9291,0671,0674,85168113
GXP 150010,7501,1181,1183,5055486
GXP 1500R13,3811,1181,1185,00472113
GXP 250020,8651,1681,2194,44590127
GXP 2500R24,4941,1681,2196,629108163

*Weight includes mounting bracket to attach to excavator.
**Distance is measured from the attachment mounting pivot (boom or stick) forward.
***GXP 200 and 300 series shears offer a single guide blade system.
GXP MAXX models deliver extra shear power for heavy-duty processing.
Extended reach brackets are available on all non-rotating shears.
Genesis GXP shears are covered by a 12-month, 1,500-hour (whichever occurs first) warranty.

This Genesis mobile shear, the GXP, delivers the power and performance you need for increased reliability, uptime and profit. And with a wide range of models, Genesis Attachments XP mobile shears mount second- and third-member to most excavators and to the boom tip of most material handlers.


Genesis XP mobile shears offer unparalleled quality and design and some of the most feature-rich advancements of any scrap shear or demolition shear on the market, including:

  • A proprietary regeneration valve that improves cycle time by up to 33% compared to standard hydraulic systems
  • An exclusive dual guide blade system that accommodates heat expansion at the tip
  • A shrouded heavy-duty pivot design that provides structural strength and long-term durability

As well as an array of benefits known as the X-factors:

  • Xtra Power - Our large-bore, long-stroke cylinder provides power increases at the apex, throat and piercing tip
  • Xtra Performance - All cutting blades are four-way indexable with four useable cutting edges. The four-way indexable guide blade is tapped and threaded for easy removal.
  • Xtra Processing - Reduced maintenance with the Genesis auto-lube system, coupled with fast cycle times from the field-proven regeneration (speed) valve, yield more cuts per hour, more tons processed and lower costs per ton
  • Xtra Profit - Added power, fast cycle times and increased uptime increase processing efficiency and your bottom-line

For additional product, application or service information, call us at 1-888-SHEAR-IT.

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