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"Pierced it like butter" - LXP® 200 Slices Steel Beam

GDR 400 vs. Parking Ramp

Disa'pier'ing Act - GDR 300 Processes 36-inch Pier Caps

You Can't Get Any Closer Than This! - GDR Bridge Demolition

New XT Mobile Shears - High Productivity Design Mounts on Smaller Carriers

Genesis Demolition Recyclers, GDR, Take Down Ashland, WI Ore Dock

Genesis XP Mobile Shear and LXP® with Shear Jaw Shred Paper Mill

Genesis Concrete Processor, GCP, Bolsters Quarry Reclamation Effort

Genesis Demolition Recycler, GDR, Crushes Concrete Tank

Genesis Demolition Recycler, GDR, Takes Down Brick Building

Building No Match for Genesis GXP Mobile Shear

Genesis Versi Pro, GVP - Power Where You Need It

Genesis LXP® with Pulverizer Jaw Easily Downsizes Concrete

Genesis LXP® with Shear Jaw Ideal for Cutting Beams

Genesis LXP® with Cracker Jaw Takes Down Bridges

Genesis LXP® with Pulverizer Jaw is Demo Site Workhorse

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